The endless work that the staff and social workers do on the oncology ward is invaluable. Our Larger Than Life support coordinators work with them in all hospitals throughout the year to support families and assist them as much as possible to navigate the system.

Also this year marked the third year we held a national meeting for all the workers and social workers from the oncology departments for children, from all the hospitals from around the country, for enrichment, for empowerment and strengthening the brave connection between them and Larger Than Life, and even though this time the conference took place on Zoom, it was still important and meaningful.

Daniella Yakir, mother of young Nevo who recently passed away, shared her feelings about how important the pediatric oncology department is to her family.
′′ When Nevo got cancer, the second person who approached us after the doctor, was the department’s social worker. The truth, until then I didn’t know social workers at all. Matan introduced himself and immediately approached work – to make it easier for the family both in the field of bureaucracy and in the field Mostly in the field of mind.
Matan, the social worker of the department accompanied us throughout the period, any question, any problem, anything. When the cancer returned to Nevo, Matan has already become part of the family because we were informed that there is no cure for Nevo’s cancer.

For a year and seven months, Matan was the person we listened to, every week he insisted to take care of all the enormous and complicated bureaucracy. Any parent of a child with cancer will tell you that there is no such thing as an oncology department without a social worker. This is an integral part of the department. From the disease.

When Nevo passed away in the morning, Matan came immediately to hug us, to wrap us up, and also in this difficult moment he explained and took care of all the practical matters of the death and accompanied us. Matan is still accompanying us. And will always accompany.
Social workers deal with the field of mind and therefore their work is 24/7. Every child is a whole world, and every social worker is a whole world for the family. I wish that we would understand, appreciate and cherish every day a little more, their endless and important amazing work of social workers.”

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