Elai Talker had cancer at the age of 8, and among all the new things he suddenly had to deal with, he had to learn how to swallow pills… and many of them! It wasn’t simple and only after several attempts he succeeded, but he didn’t forget how hard it was at first.

So to help other children who are dealing with the same problem, Elai wrote a guide to taking bullets.

How to Overcome the Fear of Swallowing Pills
By Elai Talker
1-Drink with your favourite juice
2-Swallow slowly
3-Understand that this way we will be healthy and strong
4-Adult children are able to swallow pills
5-Syrup leaves a bad taste on your tongue but pills don’t
6-As you must take these pills, it’s best to swallow them as soon as possible
7-Don’t cut the pills in 4 because then you can taste it, cut only in half
8-Always take the most important pill first
9-Before each pill you should take a deep breath, its soothing
10-Even if you vomit up the pill don’t despair after a few times it becomes easier

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