World’s only purpose-built facility of its kind, Ramat Gan’s Daycare of Dreams provides treatment and education for tots who otherwise might not be able to play with other children.

By Larry Luxner.

From outside, the house in Ramat Gan’s Kfar Azar district — just a few blocks from Tel Hashomer Medical Center — doesn’t look all that unusual. Only the heavy blue security gate and bilingual warning signs at the entrance hint at what’s inside.

The colorful cartoon characters posted around the lobby add a lighter touch to more somber, but essential, decor: There is anti-bacterial paint on all interior walls; double-glazed windows, with shutters between the window panes, keep out dust and dirt; extra-large tiles make the floor easier to clean. There’s also a custom air-conditioning system that maintains air pressure as well as airflow out of the building, strict hygenic protocols for everyone who enters, and protection from the sun in outdoor areas.

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