12 yr old Ari Shitrit had his last treatment for Leukemia over a month ago! Congratulations Ari!! 🎉 ❤😊
Ari wasn’t feeling well during the beginning of the Coronavirus pandemic and on the Seder night of Passover he had a lot of pain, they thought it was appendicitis and went to the hospital but after several tests he was diagnosed with Leukemia and began treatments immediately. As Ari puts it – “I got connected to the devices, I started treatments and my whole life changed.”
When they told me I had cancer, I was so blurry from the meds I didn’t really understand what was going on. This felt even funny to me. But after the effects of the meds went through by body, it stopped being funny and I started having to learn how to cope. There were moments when it was very scary, but now after my last treatment I began to be very excited to continue with my life.
Now I’m slowly returning to normal. I’m not allowed to go back to school yet but everyone is learning on zoom and I’m already planning my next dream. Before I got sick I was supposed to do a diving course and hopefully the doctor will allow me to do it soon.
Ari is grateful for Larger than Life’s continuous and dedicated support throughout his fight with cancer.
For now, Ari is asking us all, to create more miracles for kids battling childhood cancer and their families – because – as Ari says – every bit of help in tough times like this – is a real miracles for those in need of it!
Share some ❤ with brave Ari, and make a donation large or small at https://largerthanlifecanada.crowdchange.ca/ to help create miracles for families of kids like Ari to finance medicines and life-saving treatments, economic emergency aid, mental support, computers distribution and tablets for remote learning, transportation for treatments and a variety of ways to help during the difficult time in their lives.
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