Health Care Fund

Brief Description: In an effort to ease the substantial financial burden childhood cancer can have on a family, Larger Than Life provides monetary assistance to help families pay for treatments, [...]

Humanitarian Economic Assistance Fund

Brief Description: As the costs of fighting childhood cancer can far exceed a family’s income, we aim to help a family stay afloat as they fight for their child’s life. The Need: Over 700 [...]

Support for Children Oncology Wards

Brief Description: We support the children’s oncology wards at hospitals around Israel so they can provide the best care for Israeli children fighting cancer. The Need: A lack of advanced [...]

Emergency Comfort Kit

Brief Description: To help children and their families cope with a traumatic diagnosis, Larger Than Life provides an “Emergency Comfort Kit” designed to reduce the stress of the harsh reality [...]

Support Group for Parents

Brief Description: Larger than Life has partnered with Ash’har – a national network offering psychological treatments, counseling and diagnosis – to provide services throughout [...]

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