“This challenging time has taught us a lot. Unity, sensitivity, being there for each other, not hiding anything and proportions. Today I know how to appreciate the fruits of life.” Yasmin, Or’s mom shares her thoughts on her son Or’s journey :
“One month after we moved to a new place, I invited the entire family for a festive Friday night dinner and Or wasn’t feeling well. Being the fourth child after 3 girls we didn’t panic too much. Yet, I asked my husband to take him to the hospital to get checked out.
The phone call I received from him as I was serving desert I will never forget. “His tests are not looking good. They are sending us to the E.R.”. I did not even imagine that this was about cancer. But when they called us to speak with the head of the ward, it started to dawn on us that this was serious, and right there, in a wide forum of doctors, nurses, and social workers, they informed us that Or had leukemia.
It definitely has shaken us as a family but also strengthened us. I believe we have gained many things through this time. One of the important things we gained was our relationship with the Larger Than Life organization.
For me, Larger Than Life was the first place I turned to for any help, we would need- financial help, food stamps for holidays, a few hours of respite for me that would be prove to be a life-saver at times, fun days that helped us recharge our batteries as a family.
Helping us to understand what was available to help Or fight his cancer and supporting us as one whole family unit, turned Larger than Life into a part of our family.
You can help families like Or’s by supporting our Larger Than Life Canada Channukah fundraising activities
here >>>https://largerthanlifecanada.crowdchange.ca/

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