Watch the recent opening of our second Larger Than Life completely sterile, state of the art rehabilitative educational center located in Be’er Sheva. Beit Shulamit, (named after the late pediatrician Dr. Shulamit Katzman), was designed to assist children battling and recovering from cancer, and will also be accessible to the parents and siblings and as well. This facility in the southern area of Israel, is available to help every child regardless of religion, ethic origin or gender. This preschool will help children defeat the disease, feel better and enable them to resume their life as regular children.

Thank you to our generous Canadian donors especially Joseph Mancinelli and LiUNA, Benefit Plan Administrators in honour of Dave Harvey, and The Asper Foundation.

Classes begin September 1st, with 5 classes welcoming toddlers and children from daycare (up to 3) preschool (ages 3-6) and first and second grade.

KOD Beer Sheva – Beit Shulamit
After 3 years of detailed planning, raising the necessary funds from all over the world, and striving to reach the best outcome for our children – the new KOD in Beer Sheva is the greenest building in Israel, a sterile and energy-efficient smart building.
The new facility has 5 classes ready to welcome toddlers and children from daycare (ages 0-3) preschool (ages 3-6) to first and second grade.

The Children
The KOD will be opened on September 1st, we will welcome 12 preschool children already registered to the preschool classes (Arabs and Jews), as well as 9 toddlers at the daycare.
We will hear their laughter and joy in Hebrew, Arabic, Russian or Amharic, running and raving in the indoor and outdoor playgrounds and the spacious classrooms.
We will lovingly provide them with a quality education, physical and mental rehabilitation, a healthy nutrition plan, we will follow-up on the provision of medical treatment in accordance with the decision of their doctors.

Operating Method
The new KOD in Beer Sheva is a recognized educational rehabilitative facility by both Israeli Welfare and Education Ministries, but although it is supervised by the Ministry of Education – it is fully operated by Larger than Life – starting from carefully hand picking each and every member of the professional multidisciplinary team, through training them and hiring them as employees of the KOD program at Larger than Life, to enable us to provide the children with the unique adjusted educational and rehabilitating response to their needs.
The team already includes 10 staff members – half of them Hebrew speaking and half Arabic.
After school hours the new facility will be open for our youth and young adults’ groups, and we will run programs for our community’s support, classes, workshops, parental guidance, and youth support groups.

We would like to thank all the partners in creating the wonder of this amazing house, to all donors and partners from Israel and from all over the world, as well as to the planners and architects of the building

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