We asked the new CEO of our partner organization Larger Than Life, Sue Sadot, to share some thoughts today on #InternationalWomensDay, we are sending this message to all young girls and woman.
“Before I came to Larger than Life , I knew a very certain perspective of female power. I knew what it was like to be a strong woman in the security industry, I figured out a way in this male driven industry, I made progress in setting and meeting my goals, I ignored glass ceilings and was successful. I got it. I had fulfilled it!
And then I came to the Larger Than Life organization and discovered a whole new world and another kind of female power.
I discovered mothers who were larger than life, strong in front of their children and family, unbreakable and they didn’t let anyone around them fall.
I discovered the lioness mother who was fierce, don’t stop for a moment and didn’t give up on finding the best care for their child, moving heaven and earth in the war for life.
I met amazing, traditional medical staff women, who dedicate nights and days to sick children and their families. Doctors, nurses, social workers, physiotherapists, managers of oncology departments, who do everything to give hope and better quality of life to every child. Team women who truly are an inspiration!!
And here within our organization, I met the female power at its best. Our champion private support coordinators that do not rest for a moment until they make sure that every family is taken are of and treated with dignity. Our positive women who generate magic, the Kindergarten of Dreams team who give their souls, the volunteers without whom no activity would be implemented and the women of our headquarters in all departments, who move the wheels of Larger Than Life.
I wish all of us a Happy International Women’s Day, a lot of strength to continue doing more for our children and families and most importantly, good health! “
Sue Sadot
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