The children of the ‘Kindergarten of Dreams’ (KOD) celebrated Channukah this week with lighting candles, songs, dancing and delicious soufganiot. (The KOD is the world’s only educational and sterile recovery center for children with cancer).
An important value learned in the kindergarten is that of the “inner light ′′ – every person has light and when everyone brings their light together, one big light is created.
′′ Everyone is a small light and we are all light with them ′′
The children shared the light that they found in their kindergarten friends and the things they shared created lit candles that will decorate the entrance to the kindergarten throughout the week on Channukah.
Our Kindergarten of Dreams children wish you all happy holiday, and we join them as well 🕎💛💜 Chag Channukah Sameach!


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