Exciting News – We’ve Made History!
Beit Shulamit – Larger than Life’s Kindergarten of Dreams in Be’er Sheva was awarded as the greenest sustainable public facility in Israel! At a ceremony held last week, Isotest Laboratories awarded our new sterile Kindergarten of Dreams with a special award for its impressive achievement as t greenest public facility in Israel, according to Israeli Standard T.I. 5281 for sustainable construction.
Our 2nd Kindergarten of Dreams, which opened in September in Be’er Sheva, serves as a unique, sterile educational and rehabilitative center for children undergoing treatment for cancer or recovering. The faciity was designed as an energy-reset structure and was built at the highest level of green sustainable construction. It is clean inside and out – for our children’s health and recovery.
All classrooms are built with the strict standards and technologies that are used in building isolation rooms in hospitals, which allow for sterile, hygienic, and pollution-free conditions that ensure the best possible health conditions for the children. High-pressure air conditioning and filtration systems, full shading in classroom windows and playgrounds, with no plants or sand, high cleanliness and hygiene, walls painted with paint made from natural materials, individual treatment for children, and so much more. The classrooms and building are fully accessible to children with disabilities.
In addition to an advanced system of solar panels that utilize the Negev’s sunny climate to produce clean energy, innovative elements are implemented that provide maximum protection of our children’s health while they attend school every day: advanced systems for air filtration and air purification utilizing cutting edge technology; an innovative system for heat storage with PCM technology; and a combination of shades integrated with a renewable energy production system, including a covered roof terrace with panels for electricity production. In addition, an advanced and economical air conditioning system and daylight smart sensors were installed.
The integration of these technologies coupled with the unique building design led to this state-of-the-art facility that achieved a 4-star level – the highest level in Israel!
We are so proud of the work that we continue to do on behalf of Israeli children with cancer and their families, and we thank you for your ongoing support.
This work would not be possible without your generosity.
Help us support children fighting cancer and their families.
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