Summer Camps for Tiny Ones

Brief Description: Every summer, 50 toddlers and pre-kindergarten children with cancer and their families gather at a resort hotel on the beach of Nachsholim, near Haifa, for a fun and relaxing [...]

Summer Camps for School Aged Children

Brief Description: Every summer, 200 children with cancer and their siblings ages 8-18 gather at a resort hotel on the beach of Nachsholim, near Haifa, for a fun-filled week of sports, water [...]

Family Healing Vacation in Eilat

Brief Description: Five times a year, we invite different families to enjoy four full days of vacation to recover, regroup, and reconnect with each other in beautiful Eilat, Israel.  After weeks [...]

Gam'ani Program

Brief Description: The Gam’ani program aims to bring together 9th-12th graders who are struggling with cancer to form a social support group, with the purpose of building their self [...]

Purim Carnival Smile Train

Brief Description: Every spring, our families are invited to a joyous Purim celebration held in collaboration with Israel Railways. The passengers enjoy Purim festivities as they are surrounded [...]

Passover and Sukkot Events

Brief Description: Every year, Larger Than Life hosts two fun and inclusive community events to celebrate Passover and Sukkot with our organization’s children, families, and volunteers. The Need: [...]

Sailing Back To Life

Brief Description: Through comprehensive workshops and retreats, we provide long term support for young adults who have previously participated in Larger than Life, have recovered from their [...]

Dream Trips to Orlando and Los Angeles

Brief Description: Twice a year, groups of Israeli children with cancer are invited to embark on dream trips to Orlando or Los Angeles, where they’re able to enjoy theme parks, local adventures, [...]